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Powerfuel Nature's Core Values

Snack On, Live Easy!TM

We are heavily rooted and committed to bringing autochthonous fruit and vegetable snacks from Latin America's forgotten agricultural areas to the United States. Ingredients are nature-made and harvested by low-income farmers, helping and sustaining local and less-represented communities.

Our purpose is to create power-fueling, nutritious, high-quality, and healthy snacks with zero preservatives and artificial ingredients. We will work hard to bring the good name of snacks back to healthy living.


Our vision is to enhance society's health and well-being by helping one customer, one family at a time, live a better and healthier life through fresh and nature-made snacks.

Our mission is to produce nutritious, energy-fueling, and high-quality snacks in harmony with the environment and local communities. We let nature provide a great selection of fruit and vegetables, and we will pack them as snacks for you.

We strive for our customers to reconnect with nature through our products, one bite, and one snack at a time. Snack On Live Easy!

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